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This page is not about Piga Software itself, it is being hosted on this Wiki to help other Free Software Projects.

This page lists various Free Software projects that reverse engineer. Reverse engineering is either making a game or program similar to one already made, or editing an engine to accept game or program files for applications it could not previously support. Reverse engineering means building a program to emulate or be compatible with another program. Reverse engineering is typically completed to either make a program that is like another for a different system, building a similar program under a different license, or to make a similar program with a different focuses or intended range of features. Sometimes reverse engineering projects are criticized as "reinventing the wheel"; which is to recreate a technology that is almost exactly the same as another (with no known justification), typically out of spite.

Reversed Engineering Strategy Projects

FreeCiv Reversed Engineering Civilization.

FreeCol Reversed Engineering Colonization

Free Empires Reversed Engineering Age of Empires

Wargus Reversed Engineering Warcraft II

Reversed Engineering Action Projects

Dave Gnukem Reversed Engineering Duke Nukem

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