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The Piga Software Wiki was created on August 17, 2007 using the Wiki-Site host. Previous attempts at creating a wiki using other sites were attempted but none of them successful. The wiki was grown to be the primary source of Piga Software information and has rendered the home page as a mere index. New information is likely to be posted on the wiki or on the Piga Software Forum before it ever makes it to the web site. The wiki is hosted with Apache 2.2.3 on a CentOS GNU/Linux server.

The initial creation of the wiki lead to the construction of Hamish and Graham Wilson's other, and decently successful, wiki called the Blood Wiki which is hosted also by Wiki-Site. They have also taken up control of the Red Dwarf and Warren Zevon wikis hosted by Wikia.

They have also edited a vareity of other wikis such as a massive amount of edits to the LibreGameWiki and free software and GNU/Linux gaming articles on Wikipedia as part of the Piga Software mission to spread free software.

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Welcome to the Piga Software Wiki

Welcome to the wiki of Piga Software; we are a cooperative and at present non-profit organization of programmers developing free software for GNU/Linux and occasionally other systems - with a particular emphasis on game development. Our software is released under the GNU General Public License version 3, though some individual files within projects might be under other copyleft licenses and are listed in project copyright disclaimers.

Although we have used Visual Basic 6, QBasic, Game Maker and even ZZT-oop most current projects are built in Gambas - a free software BASIC-style programming language consisting of a integrated development environment and run-time inspired by Visual Basic and Java and is well suited to GNU/Linux development. Our particular areas of interest are strategy, adventure and platform games, first person shooters and plot-focused titles; often with a sense of humour, though we work on whatever suites us at the time and some projects are developed with a specific intentional purpose in mind.

To find out more start exploring from the links provided!

There are currently 2,348 articles and 1,389 images on the wiki.

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